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Individual Therapy

Individual psychotherapy is a collaborative relationship designed to help you make sustainable changes in your life. By sharing your thoughts, feelings and experiences in a safe, confidential environment, we will work together to build self awareness around emotional, cognitive and behavioral responses, freeing you up to create organic, sustainable change in your life. In addition to general practice, I specialize in addictions, codependency, stage-of-life issues, perinatal mental health, grief, creativity, identity, and work with other clinicians. Individual sessions typically occur weekly during the course of treatment and are 50-minutes long ($225).


Couples & Family Therapy

Couples and family therapy differ from individual therapy in that the partnership or family unit is the client. I approach my work with couples and families using a systemic focus designed to help us understand how you've adapted to one another, what is working, and what has gotten in the way of your connection. Couples and family therapy provides a safe environment to be heard and understood while learning the skills to communicate more effectively and cultivate intimacy. Couples and family therapy sessions typically occur weekly during the course of treatment and are 50-minutes long ($225), though I often recommend extended sessions to begin.

Group Therapy

Group psychotherapy is a special form of therapy in which a small number of people meet together under my guidance to help themselves and one another. Group helps people learn about themselves and improve their interpersonal relationships. It can address feelings of isolation, depression or anxiety and enhance self esteem, authenticity, and energy for life. By working with a regular group, my clients see dramatic changes in the quality of their lives and often choose to incorporate group work into their weekly routine for many years. I typically meet individually with prospective group members for 3-4 sessions prior to joining a group which helps to both reduce anxiety and give you a good understanding of how it will work. Group rates range from $65 - $75/week.

Click to see a list of groups currently available in my practice as well as additional resources to help you learn about group psychotherapy: 

Caregiver Programs

Since 2015, I have offered "Care of Caregiver" programs to organizations nationwide. These programs are designed for workers who operate in a frontline role as professional caregivers of traumatized populations, including immigration legal workers, healthcare workers, and mental health professionals. Workshops and follow-up services are tailored to the needs of an organization or workplace and address the impact of long-term trauma exposure, vicarious traumatization, and burnout on frontline workers. Participants learns about the neurobiological impact of trauma on the body and brain, how to heal from trauma, and how to create sustainable self-care practices. Click to see a list of previous Care of Caregiver workshops and programs.

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